Pattern Proposals (Step 1)

A prototype has been developed for executing step 1 of the GenEDA process. The project is an Eclipse product and is available for several platforms:

Windows (x86, x64), Mac (Cocoa) (x64), Linux (GTK) (x86, x64)

The tool needs a semantic media wiki as database. Please use the archived pattern proposal wiki as a starting point.

The downloads are licensed under the BSD 2-Clause License.

If you experience problems using the tool, please contact Marco Konersmann. Please note that the tool is a research prototype.

UML4PF (Step 2)

Please visit for more information on this tool.

Interaction and Trade-off Analysis SLR

Database from our systematic literature review Interaction and Trade-off Analysis for Qualities in Software Architectures as MySQL database dump.

Extraction form definition.

Scopus search terms and search results.